• Sleeping at Christmas

    5 Mistakes Growers Make Over The Festive Period

    As we head towards Christmas, many people have plans to go away or just have it a bit of down time. However when people take time away from their usual routine they often end up forgetting their poor plants after having one too many glasses of port and watching Christmas re-runs. Well we don’t want
  • Seedlings

    Which should I use – Seeds or Cuttings?

    Before you get growing you need to decide whether to start with Seeds or Cuttings So how should you go about getting your first plants growing? Either growing from seeds or obtain cuttings from another plant that isn’t in the flowering stage. There are good and bad for either choice so we’ll go through a
  • Cold Plants

    How to keep your plants warm & growing well through the cold

    The Right Air Temperature Your plants want their air to be reasonably warm. Once the colder times start it can become increasingly hard to keep the air temperature around the optimum of 23C – 27C. The range of 23C – 27C is the best temperature during the lights on stage, whilst in the dark stage
  • Seedling

    Getting Started with Hydroponics

    What do you need to get started with hydroponics? Getting started in hydroponics means understanding a particular kind of hydroponics system. There is an astonishing array of methods to grow hydroponically, and the equipment used in building the system varies between different setups. Basically, hydroponic growth entails growing plants suspended directly in an inert growth
  • 5 Ways to Maximize Results with Hydroponics

    Learn about five of the biggest predictors of growing success in a hydroponics system. There are a number of variables that decide whether or not hydroponic growing is successful or not. Here are some of the most important factors in maximizing success in hydroponic growing. 1. Layout Plants need adequate space to grow: spacing them